Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being Unhealthy

It's a choice. I know what I want to do, but I can't stop from making unhealthy decisions. Right now I'm currently weighing in at 215lbs. I was on a roll for about two weeks and went down to about 206 lbs right away. I was motivated to lose weight and be healthy, but then I go through these phases where I start falling back into my old routine and it's usually triggered when I go home to visit. There I have no control of what I eat and go wild. When I come back to school I usually cool but my habits continue, and then I'll start up my healthy schedule again and then all of a sudden I go home to visit.

I think getting away from home has really helped my situation and my weight loss, but I need to continue with my healthy habits everywhere even if that means where I'm most vulnerable to my bad habits.

I'm going home this weekend, and starting tomorrow I'm going to start up my health routine starting with a morning run with my boyfriend. I will aim to be healthy this whole weekend. I can do it. No junk food, just healthy foods. :)

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