Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to a New Year

Wow, would you look at that... Time flies! Welcome to 2011! This year I will continue my healthy routine and become a healthier me! I'm already off to a good start. I've been using the Lose It app religiously for about two weeks prior to the new year and have been regularly working out. I specifically want to talk about yesterday. My family was being lazy and instead of cooking a home cooked meal or having left overs from our New Years Eve party they opted to get some fast food. They ordered a stuffed crust pizza and three combo meals at Wendy's. I opted out and because I was over my calorie budget I worked out and  finished the day being under by 500 or so calories. It felt good. Today my boyfriend picked me up around 7:30AM and we went to the nearby gym where we stretched, lifted weights,  and did some cardio on the elliptical. For the time that we were at the gym, I burned about 900 calories. I feel so good, I will keep going! I want to be healthy and look good!

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