Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changes in my Body

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not keeping my promise of updating regularly. Up until this point I have been recording my progress with the iPod app Lose It! and have been successfully logging for several months now.

Today was an unsuccessful day on my behalf because of the amount of food I consumed. I fell back into the old habit of overeating just because food tastes good. I made some pretty poor decisions and I can't really make up for them because I'll most likely get sick from it.

But today while I over ate, I noticed that my body could not handle it. I feel sick. Before when I would overeat I could go on uncontrollably. My body was use to the amount of food going in and now when I over eat I feel sick and heavy. My body does not like this feeling and I'm paying for it now with gas and a stomach ache. It's an unpleasant feeling and I feel that these feelings are signs that my body is changing for the best.

I need to listen to my body and not my taste buds... My body knows best.

Even though today was a very unsuccessful day I learned something about myself and I know what I have to do to continue on this journey for life.

I'll try to keep this journal up.
thanks for listening.



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