Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer 2011

For the past three  summers I have been working at a Camp up in the mountains as a retreat worker. This is a labor intensive job that involves cleaning, cooking, and cleaning. Yes I repeated myself on purpose, we clean so much it's like a workout! haha. Anyways, with more calories burned than usual I am eating more than usual which is fine, but I need to gear my taste buds in a more healthy perspective. Since I live and work up here all the food resources I have are from the kitchen which consists of camp food, which is basically food out of cans and baked desserts! Of course there's healthy options, but it's so hard when we have a ton of carbs and protein served. My weight still hasn't gone under 200lbs, but I know it can definitely go down to 180 before the summer's out if I just set my  mind to it. I'm going to start packing snacks so that I have multiple meals/snacks a day to begin metabolizing my food faster and therefore losing weight faster and being less hungry. Out of the foods avaliable, my breakfast I will have oatmeal and possibly some brown sugar as a topping. Then two hours later have fresh fruits. For lunch I can make salad/ half a sandwich/or fresh fruits (options for both meals) and for dinner I can have salad and possibly something else in the kitchen that is yummy and healthy. I think I'm going to have to cut out the deserts out of my diet if I want a successful summer up here. I'm going to try and do a Power 90 food and exercise routine there the following days I'm there. Let's see how it all pans out.

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