Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starbucks Green Tea

Whenever I come to Starbucks, it use to be because I was going to order a caramel grande frappuccino. I was drinking this drink for years taking in 400-600 calories all in one shot. I wasn't an avid Starbucks drinker, but those drinks add up. I then switched drinks to their strawberry smoothie, but now I have a new drink and treat. It's cheap, tasty and satisfying. I order a tall, grande, or venti iced green tea with no added sugar. NOM NOM NOM, or should I say GULP GULP GULP. I've been developing a taste for tea these last few weeks, drinking it almost daily in the morning before beginning the day.

It's a low calorie treat, and it let's me use the internet at starbucks at a low cost! Instead of paying almost $5.00 for another beverage.

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