Saturday, August 20, 2011

Starting Over, yet again.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, which sort of led to a downward spiral. I know it was I who broke up with him, but it's still depressing. I've found myself eating less healthy and losing sight of my workout routines. I've been an emotional eater the last couple days and I need to get out of this habit before it consumes me. It's not healthy for me or my success at weight loss. Prior to my excessive eating I was weighing 205 and now I went up to 216 in  a matter of days (about a week).

I am approaching my 21st birthday still around the same weight I did on my 20th birthday. Prior to my 20th birthday I've lost 40+ pounds within two years and since then I've been stumped between 200-215. If anything the success I had in 2010-2011 was that I implemented a workout routine and built muscle mass, but the healthy eating did not last for very long. I need to teach myself how to eat to live and not live to eat.

I will be moving away from home where I won't have accessibly to a car, and I'll be mainly relying on the bus and my bicycle. This means I will be cooking more at my rental home than eating out and driving to the grocery store for junk food. Whenever I'm home, my weekness involves snacking out which eventually I'll have to learn how to control. Away from home though I'll stock my fridge with healthy foods and salads.

I can do this!

I shouldn't be spending anymore time moping around, but get sight of my goals once again. I can do this.