Monday, January 28, 2013


I forgot to weigh-in this morning.

One thing I am going to do differently, I am going to weigh-in bi weekly instead of every other day or weekly. The scale is no good for me, it shouldn't be about the number anyway. It should be about how I feel.

I got this! Writing positively about being healthy motivates me everyday to be healthy.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello everyone! My health and fitness journey is about to begin. Its not the first time I have said that, but its the first time that I mean it. I have stuck to fitness programs before but there is always something that makes me fall off the wagon. Its usually life's stressors, negative influences, or my lack of self control. I have learned that its about self love. In all my past attempts to lose weight I never really loved my body. I had a negative self image and even tried several unhealthy ways to drop the weight. Lately I have started to tell myself "I am strong, I am confident, I am beautiful" to get into this self love mode, its hard, but I am learning to love and appreciate my body.

I am addicted to food, about a month ago I was doing very well with the Insanity Program. I was six weeks into the program and on top of every calorie and even felt lighter. I went out with some friends one night and drank alcohol and I've been off the wagon since then. In those six weeks that I was active in Insanity I noticed a change about myself. I had successfully winged myself off craving junk food. I still had some but it was in moderation and I had gone from 232lbs down to 209 in six weeks. I was feeling healthy and good about myself, but I fell off the wagon and now gained some of my lost weight back. I currently weigh 223lbs, but I am not going to let myself get back to 231lbs.

So to get back into the swing of things I have planned meals for lunch while I'm at school. For lunch I will be enjoying 3/4th cup of brown rice, 1.5 ounces of whole beans, 2.5 ounces of grilled chicken, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, an onions. This will be my lunch though the week. I just have to plan healthy breakfasts and dinners though out the week. Cleared my fridge of healthy foods so planning snacks, breakfast, and dinner should not be a problem. I will also hold myself responsible for taking daily vitamins and drinking water throughout the days.

That's my personal update for now. I will weigh in tomorrow and report it, have a good night everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Resolution

I have come to a realization that you only live once. You only have one life. You only have one body. Here I am wasting my perfectly good body with unhealthy processed foods and neglecting to exercise. I want so much to be fit and healthy. For once I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I need to make a commitment to myself and my future.