Friday, May 31, 2013

This is a Battle

This is a battle I must conquer. I am addicted to junk food and I need a way to get out of this bad habit. This habit is slowly killing me, I can't see any of the bad side effects now, but I might as well nip it in the butt, before there is even a problem like diabetes. Besides being overweight I have a strong body. I have the ability to exercise. The ability do walk. The ability to work. I need to do myself a favor and get active. This is my life and I create the outcomes.

I need to stop sabotaging my health.
I need to commit to me, 100%.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starbucks Green Tea

Whenever I come to Starbucks, it use to be because I was going to order a caramel grande frappuccino. I was drinking this drink for years taking in 400-600 calories all in one shot. I wasn't an avid Starbucks drinker, but those drinks add up. I then switched drinks to their strawberry smoothie, but now I have a new drink and treat. It's cheap, tasty and satisfying. I order a tall, grande, or venti iced green tea with no added sugar. NOM NOM NOM, or should I say GULP GULP GULP. I've been developing a taste for tea these last few weeks, drinking it almost daily in the morning before beginning the day.

It's a low calorie treat, and it let's me use the internet at starbucks at a low cost! Instead of paying almost $5.00 for another beverage.

Slim in 10, Turbo Jam Eating Plan

So I've gotten down to 209lbs with the help of Turbo Jam's Slim in 10. It is basically a diet plan you follow and you're guaranteed at most, 10lbs in 10 days and 10 inches. I'm doing it a little differently. I've Started following the plan strictly, but because of a lack of resources I've switched it up a bit. I am also switching the workouts around with Chalean Extreme videos instead of Turbo Jam Cardio remixes. I am still getting results. I am on Day 5, and I'm down 4lbs. I'm not hungry or feeling hungry at all so far. I may try this once every two months if it all works out. When I'm craving foods I allow myself to eat, but it's a healthy treat.

I'm feeling good about this stretch of clean eating. Let's make it a lifetime!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

I don't know what it is about making a commitment that is so hard for me.

I started this blog with the hopes of continuously updating and staying motivated about my progress in my weight loss journey, but I fall in and out of these cycles of healthy habits and fitness routines. I fell short two weeks to completing Insanity, I almost completed one month of the Chalean Extreme fitness program, and only completed two weeks of Hip Hop Abs... I just lost interest or lost motivation. From doing these programs I've gotten down to my lowest weight of 209lbs but I am back in between 215 and 218. Le Sigh, no matter how much physical work I do... Whether it's at work, bike riding to & from work, my weight does not budge. 

This makes me realize it's not my fitness activity that needs a makeover (although it helps) but it's my mentality... I need to have self control when it comes to food. I need to make working out a priority.  

One thing I have noticed about myself is that I have an addiction to salty and sweet foods. I really want to start going to an Over-eaters Anonymous group. I literally can eat a family size bag of chips on my own. I can eat an entire Oreo's container in two sittings. That is too much food, and I know it. I have a serious problem with food and I need to deal with it. I think I need some sort of support group and if it is OA that can help me, then so be it.

I'll hopefully be moving to the Bay Area in Late August early September, and maybe being independent and having no form of transportation will motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle and break out of these bad habits.

I will no longer be comforted by food.